Month: November 2014

Redesigning Your Home To Be More Green

It is clear how the environment has changed and has been changing. Nowadays, especially in the urban areas, the polluted air and dirty bodies of water can be very much seen and felt. With these circumstances, many people have actively gone out of their way to really help in taking care of nature. This is to also make the world, in general, a safe and healthy place to live in.

Now, if you want to join the stand against pollution and all other natural disasters, you can definitely do so. And of course, the start will always be with yourself. For instance, you can begin in your very own residence.

With your existing structure, you can go through the redesign process to make it a green home. A green home is basically one that is environment friendly. It is a house that is made with the efficient use of sustainable materials. With it, you get to conserve natural resources such as energy. On top of that, less waste as possible is produced. All in all, it is really a home that does well in protecting the Earth.

How then can you do so?

Walls and floors take much of both your horizontal and vertical space and it can be good if you go from there. For your walls, it would be good to modify it with colour paints that are free or low in volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These are paints made from plant oils and minerals, among others, so for sure they do not harm the environment.

Flooring should also be carefully picked out. Synthetic carpets have VOCs too and if you can, you should avoid them. Go for groundwork like fibre made carpets or just opt for bamboo or hard wood.

When talking of furniture, you should go invest in those that are natural and untreated. You have to really check as you shop. Some pieces contain formaldehyde, which is used for preservation. Nevertheless, you should make it a point to avoid it because there are many harmful effects when you have much exposure to it.

Supposing you are certainly up for the turnaround in green home design, then you can get in touch with painters and decorators in Hampstead. They are professionals you can trust in your redesign project, more so when you are going for an eco-friendly home. You can just tell them your preferences and needs and they can work around them. To give you a beautiful and functional household is their utmost purpose.

These experts realise the importance of the nature and the Earth and so, they incorporate that in their works, especially if the customer asks for it. Hence, even if you do not know where to start, they can assist you and you will not have to worry at all.

If everyone endeavours this for their house, there is no doubt that there are many benefits that come with it. In the long run, a green home will bring you great savings, money wise.