Month: December 2015

Are Portable Toilets Environmentally Sustainable?

Whenever you are in private or public events, people always like to include toilets talk in every topic, right? It causes giggles and affirming nods of audience members whenever it is brought up during a presentation or in a family event. This is a way to calculate toilet numbers at special events.

Well nowadays, toilets could very well top the event logistics interest list whenever there are special occasions or situations that are also very environmentally friendly to use. Humble loos can be a very fascinating topic if done properly. What are the things you need to do in order for you to know portable toilets if it is environmentally sustainable?

In public or special events, how many toilets needed?

In the USA and UK just like doing Cambridge portable toilet hire, there is no national standard for calculating the number of toilets required for public areas outside of buildings and particularly at events. You can see that there portable loos being used whenever the events are too crowded or when the area is too small for big gatherings. The use of portable toilets depends on the capacity of the visitors or the crowds in an event. These are the things you need to consider as guides to provide loads of important information when planning your event restrooms.

But, when you don’t know what to do first, it is a good idea to ask sanitation professionals what they would recommend because every event presents a unique setting that is why you should consider the place as well in using portable toilets. You can ask the portable toilet provider and the sanitation professionals questions like what are the types of portable loos to use in a unique or not so ordinary staging of the event.

Tailoring portable toilets according to guest type of the said event

You need to think about the comfort of your guests before proceeding to classiness of the event. These two adjectives are commonly associated with luxury cars or airlines but it can also be connected with the style and treatment when it comes to comfortable “loo” stop of your beloved guests and loved ones. It really turns out that using portable toilets in a public or private event can be really helpful because it is so easy to set-up and much more, it is environment friendly as well. This kind of observation understands how event patrons use port-a-loos, taking a design shift that overcomes the objections patrons usually have about portable facilities.

With environment friendly portable toilets, you can be sure that no small children will be intimidated to use it and they are an appreciated comfort, doubling as a cool place to refresh during a high-temperature day.

For portable toilets, providing toilets is partially the task. Always remember that you have to plan the servicing of them. Hopefully by shedding some light on the task of planning for toilets at events, you can get creative, strategic and risk adverse on your toilets planning, design and servicing in the near future. Share us your thoughts about portable toilets based on your experience in the comments!