5 tips in making your home eco-friendly 2017

ch1You must realise that we humans are slowly destroying our world. The first step to solving a problem is to admit we have one. Yes, our technological advancements are rapidly improving; we are modernising and revolutionising our world. But we forget the fact that our advancements have certain damaging consequences to our world.

With all the pollution we are causing, the irreplaceable fossil fuels we are constantly burning, the global warming phenomenon that we triggered; it’s a wonder why our planet still exists.

With this in mind, we must strive to save our planet. Every little thing counts, from recycling to reducing our use of plastics and even building eco-friendly homes.

As for us homeowners, we must also do our part to lessen the damage we did to our world.

If you are thinking of building, renovating, or loft converting, you must consider an eco-friendly characteristic to your project. Loft conversions Chiswick can give you more details in building an eco-friendly home.

Here are some things that can make a house or a room more eco-friendly:

  • Replacing old bulbs

ch2It may be that you think your old incandescent light bulbs are saving you energy. Maybe you have these light bulbs because you are attached to them (I don’t know why, though). But whatever your reason, I strongly suggest you replace those old light bulbs because they are energy drainers.

These incandescent light bulbs, the ones which give off a yellowish light, waste a lot of energy. They consume about 90% of the energy they use as heat, not as light.

I suggest you use fluorescent light bulbs or LED lights because they are more energy efficient and they give off a brighter, more luminous light.

  • Triple R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)


Sometimes we tend to buy new things that we don’t need. That alone can contribute to more garbage and damage to mother earth. We should avoid purchasing things that will just end up in the trash and start buying things that will be of use to you for a long time.

When it comes to old things in your house, you can reuse them into new things like your plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can be transformed into different kinds of uses like making it into a piggy bank.

Recycled aluminium and glasses can also be of good use in building an eco-friendly home.

  • Buying eco-friendly products

ch4If you want to have an eco-friendly home then you should start purchasing environmentally-friendly products as well. Each part of your house like the roofs, building materials, floorings and appliances should be eco-friendly. Not only you will save mother earth, you will also save yourself from paying huge electricity bills.

  • Environmentally-friendly lightingsch5

The lightings in your home are what you use every day 24/7. You can start replacing your old lightings into LED and CFL, they can be costly but they will be a good investment since it helps you save electricity than your traditional bulbs.

  • Water conserving appliance


Just like electricity, water is very important. We consume water every day and sometimes we overlook finding ways to save water.

Things like Low flow faucets, toilets, shower head can help you save water bills and can contribute to making your home extra eco-friendly.

2016 is about to end, we should start doing little things that can help save the mother earth. Because in the end, it will be our own lives that needs to be saved if we won’t care for her.