What Is Green Electricity and Why Should You Use It?

Electricity is of immense use and service nowadays. Everyday modern living consists of plugging devices and appliances such as computers, cellular phones and television sets, among others. All day and all night, people expend so much of this energy even without knowing of the quantity and amount.

Power plants typically generate electricity and it is through the burning of coal and gas. Turbines do the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy, which is then channelled to power lines towards homes and other structures.

Nevertheless, there is still a multitude of people who do not know and are still not aware that this kind of production is accountable for what we all term as climate change. Carbon dioxide is always released to an extraordinary degree and that can really impact the atmosphere and environment of the Earth.

And so, here comes green electricity. Green electricity basically signify electrical energy that is produced through different natural sources. More importantly, they do not bring harm to the planet. Well, some effects are still bound to occur but this green revolution can greatly diminish the damages.

There are numerous energy sources that are natural and renewable:


Air is all around and what better to make use of these moving mass than for power? There are locations windier than others (the shore is one fitting example) and so, wind turbines are placed strategically in there to harness the winds. Those are then efficiently converted to electricity. Wind power is even considered to compete well with traditional power production and sourcing.


With the utilisation of a solar photovoltaic module, it is able to convert sunlight even when the sun is not very visible (i.e cloudy days). That is through semiconductor technology. On top of that, many practice the passive solar approach by just building and installing roof tops and tiles that can directly transform the heat, which in turn helps save on the bills.


Hydro power is a common reservoir around the world for many years now. By definition, it is electricity yielded with the gravitational force of water that is falling or flowing. This proves to be an outstandingly competent renewable electrical source because of its low costs, especially regarding the production.

Aside from helping save the Earth by availing of green electricity, you get to uphold your health and well-being too. Air and water pollution occur due to the gas plants, which cause breathing problems and other serious bodily damages.

And because these sources are always present, they have so much potential and ability to provide for the many who are in need of electricity. Anything about supply will not be a problem anymore.

As these renewable sources are not really dependent on machines and automation, they open to more employment opportunities for many folks as well.